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About Us

Veterinary Associates is a comprehensive veterinary clinic. We have two locations to serve your needs located in Hazel Green, WI and Galena, IL. Please visit the Services page for a description of services offered to our clients.

The History of Veterinary Associates

In 1967 two young junior veterinary students arrived in Elizabeth, Illinois, to spend the summer as interns with Dr. Donald E. Smith (ISU 1954).  Dr. Chester Rawson (ILL 1968) returned to Elizabeth in the spring of 1968 as a graduate veterinarian.  He worked as an associate for Dr. Smith.  In July of 1969, Dr. Smith hired Dr. Roger Peterson (ILL 1968).  Part of the motivation to hire Dr. Peterson was to establish a clinic in Galena, IL, 12 miles west of Elizabeth on Hwy 20.  To this end, land had been purchased and a new clinic was under construction when Dr. Peterson came on board in July of 1969.  At this time, the two clinics in Galena and Elizabeth became Pioneer Veterinary Clinics.  The new clinic in Galena was officially opened for business in November of 1969.  The three veterinarians shared duties between the 2 communities and the surrounding areas.  As the business grew, Dr. Peterson became the primary veterinarian in Galena.

Pioneer Veterinary Clinics had another growth surge in January of 1972.  The practice of Dr. Dave Schickel in Hazel Green, WI was purchased by the group.  Dr. Rawson moved up to the newly acquired facility and Pioneer Veterinary Clinics had offices in three contiguous locations.  To ease the added work load, Dr. Harry Whitlock (ILL 1972) was hired in June of 1972 and placed in the office in Elizabeth.  This expanded practice situation persisted until January of 1973.  At this time, the offices in Galena, IL and Hazel Green, WI, operated by Drs. Peterson and Rawson, separated from Pioneer Veterinary Clinics and became a separate business known as Veterinary Associates.  Drs. Smith and Whitlock still operated Pioneer Veterinary Clinics in Elizabeth, IL.

As Veterinary Associates continued to grow and expand services, the need for an additional veterinarian became apparent.  Dr. David Reid (KSU 1973) joined the practice in June of 1973.  He resided in Hazel Green, but the three veterinarians continued to share duties in both communities and on both sides of the state line.  The personnel of Veterinary Associates remained static for approximately 3 years.  In October of 1976, Dr. Cal Schafer (KSU 1976), joined the practice.  He immediately began working out of the Galena office.

Over the next 5 years, Veterinary Associates continued to grow and expand.  The practice was incorporated in 1978. Though not as diverse as it is today, Veterinary Associates, S. C., even in the late 1970's, offered services to all species, but primarily dairy and beef cattle, with limited small animal services. Throughout this time, the practice was constantly evolving and the need for another veterinarian became apparent in the spring of 1981.  Dr. Harry Whitlock (ILL 1972) had left Elizabeth in 1975 and taken a position in Poplar Bluff, MO.  A mutual agreement was arrived upon and Dr. Whitlock returned to NW ILL/SW WI and became the 5th member of Veterinary Associates in the summer of 1981.

Over the next six years, other young veterinarians got their start at Veterinary Associates.  In the spring of 1987, the practice was back to the original four members: Drs. Rawson, Peterson, Reid and Schafer.  Dr. Wil Schuler (KSU 1987), joined the practice in June of that year.  A year later, in 1988, Dr. Reid left the practice to pursue other professional goals.  During this same year, 1988, the new clinic building in Hazel Green was built.  Over the next 3 years, the practice continued to thrive and a fifth veterinarian was hired to work in the Hazel Green clinic.  Dr. Greg Schueller (UW 1991) joined the practice in June of 1991.  Over the next 12 years, the practice members remained unchanged.  Then in 2003, Dr. Rawson left Veterinary Associates to take a position with Alta Genetics in Wisconsin.  The practice was again in need of a veterinarian.  Dr. Jennifer Rediske (ISU 2003) was hired and joined the practice in June of 2003.  Dr. Rediske spends most of her professional time in the Wisconsin side of the practice, working out of the Hazel Green office.

During the last 42 years, the Hazel Green practice has maintained a predominantly dairy focus.  The Galena portion of the practice has been more dynamic as there has been increased emphasis on the small animal and equine disciplines of veterinary practice, while at the same time, the dairy practice in Galena has continued to decline, though the beef cow herds in Jo Daviess County continue to thrive.  With a growing demand for equine and small animal services in the practice, another veterinarian was hired by Veterinary Associates.  Dr. Dan Teasdale (UW 2004) joined the practice in June of 2004.  His responsibilities were primarily in the Galena area of the practice.

The year, 2009, was a transition year in the practice.  Dr. Greg Schueller left Veterinary Associates to pursue his interests in a specialty practice.  Dr. Roger Peterson retired from active practice in July after a career of 41 years dedicated to Veterinary Associates and veterinary medicine.  To fill the need for additional practitioners, the practice hired two enthusiastic and very capable young veterinarians that began their practice careers in June of 2009.  Dr. Stacey Adams (UW 2009) and Dr. Adam Ohms (ILL 2009) have been a welcome addition to the practice.  Dr. Stacey Adams worked primarily out of the Hazel Green clinic, while Dr. Ohms was associated with the Galena clinic. In December of 2010 Dr. Ohms decided to leave the practice and move to St. Louis where his wife would be attending graduate school in nursing. Since his departure Dr. Heather Curtis (Ill 1976) has been helping out part-time in the Galena office. Dr. Curtis is a breath of fresh air in the clinic and has been very well received by clients and staff. Dr.Stacey Adams left the practice in May 2012 to be closer to her now husband and family. At that time, Dr. Blaine Nicks (ISU 2012) was hired to fill Dr. Stacey Adam's shoes at the clinic in Hazel Green. He enjoyed much of the dairy medicine and had special interest in milk quality. Dr. Catie Smith joined the practice in July, 2013 and works primarily out of the Galena office working mostly with small animal and equine patients. In May 2014, Dr. Nicks decided to move to California and work with large dairy herds. At this time, Dr Katie Majerus (UW 2014) was welcomed to the practice to begin her career in Hazel Green along with Dr. Greg Adams (UW 2014), who is stepping into a mixed animal role in the Galena practice.

In March of 2014, the practice had another transition as we had the grand opening of our brand new clinic that was built in Galena. The old clinic is actually ground up and serves as the current driveway. The new clinic was built to better serve our increasing small animal practice. At this time, digital x-ray was added for better quality of images and increase our ability to accurately diagnose and treat our patients. We look forward to this growing area of veterinary medicine.

The practitioners of Veterinary Associates continue to provide a wide variety of veterinary services over a broad spectrum of both clients and animals.  The clinic continues grow and expand.  Veterinary Associates is looking forward to the next many years to come.